For reducing the cost of steel making!! Sharp decrease in Electrode consumption with simple coating method!!! High performance antioxidant for Graphite Electrode!!!!
It is not too much to say that the consumption of electric power and graphite electrodes accounts for the majority of the total steel making costs in the E.A.F. method of steel making. Especially, increasing the consumption of electrodes will influence electric power consumption as well as increasing the cost of electrodes and increasing of operating costs too.

It is said generally that the wearing of electrodes consist of "Tip-Wear" and "Side-Wear" by oxidation and this "Side-wear" is about 40 to 60% of total consumption of the electrodes due to the exposure for long periods of time in the E.A.F. For many years, various methods for lowering the consumption rates of electrodes have been released in this industry but so far not a sufficient method to reduce consumption.

Our latest type CERACOATTM EL-300 for graphite electrodes, is the improved one on the performance of our previous type CERACOATTM EL-100 which can decrease the consumption by side-wear sharply with the easy dipping and impregnating method.
EL-300 was enhanced at the effect of reducing consumption of electrodes by 10% 〜 30% than EL-100.

Characteristics and Features
Methods of impregnating
Natural impregnating method
Decompressed impregnating method
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