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Message from President

Makoto Nishi, President DirectorMakoto Nishi, President Director

Our Shinto Group, providing metal surface treatment products, refractory materials, and insulating agents, marked anniversary in .

We have provided the surface modification for lance pipe since the time of foundation, and soon after we started to provide refractory materials and insulating agents.

Currently, we are applying lance pipe technologies to other various industries, and developing and providing high quality products by the latest surface modification treatment technology.

We have 3 works and research facilities in Japan and 2 works in abroad. For this reason, we can always deliver just suitable products on time for industry needs not only in Japan but also around the world.

Furthermore, we have many industrial property rights and will continue to meet customers’ various demands by providing superior products that were attained backed by high technology.

In recent time, we are making efforts for further development toward future generations, by introducing IoT and stepping up automation and robotization. We believe we can fully satisfy all your requirements.

Company Profile

Company Name Shinto Industrial Co., Ltd.
Date Established 1st April 1953
Capital JPY 60 million
Number of Employees 187 (include group companies in Japan)
Representative Makoto Nishi, President Director
Office & Works,
  • Headquarters & Nagasaki Works (Nagasaki)
  • Iwaki Works (Fukushima)
  • Shinto Industrial Himeji Co., Ltd. (Hyogo)
  • Shinto Italia S.p.A. (Italy)
  • PT. Shinto Lance Indonesia (Indonesia)


1948Started operation at Nagasaki
1952Completed “Shinto Lance Pipe C-type”
1953Established the company
1955Tokyo Works started operation
1957Osaka Works started operation
Completed “Shinto Lance Pipe CC-type & CCC-type”
1959Relocated Tokyo Works and established Laboratory in Tokyo Works
Nagasaki Works started Aluminum Hot-dipping Treatment (ALCOAT®) business
1961Completed “Exothermic Insulating Agent (Nootex®)” for steelmaking process
1970Himeji Works started operation
1974Relocated Headquarters & Nagasaki Works
1984Established Shinto Italia S.p.A.
1985Nagasaki Works started Automobile Rotary Engine parts production
1987Osaka Works started Automobile Timing Chain parts production
1989Established PT. Shinto Lance Indonesia
1993Iwaki Works established Automatized lance pipe manufacturing system
Closed Tokyo Works
1994Closed Osaka Works and Integrated the operation to Iwaki Works
1996Shinto Italia S.p.A. obtained ISO9001
2001Iwaki Works started Automobile Turbo Charger parts production
2002PT. Shinto Lance Indonesia obtained ISO9001
2003Celebrated 50th Anniversary
Established New Business Division at Japan, Italy, and Indonesia
2004Iwaki Works obtained ISO9001
2008Headquarters & Nagasaki Works obtained ISO9001
2010Himeji Works obtained ISO9001
2012Established R&D center in Headquarters & Nagasaki Works
2013Nagasaki Works installed Automatized Surface Treatment System
2015Nagasaki Works started Fuel Cell parts production
Demerged Himeji Works and Established Shinto Industrial Himeji Co., Ltd.
2017Headquarters & Nagasaki Works obtained ISO14001
2018Completely renovated Nagasaki Works
2019Nagasaki Works installed welding & fusing robots
2023Headquarters & Nagasaki Works obtains JIS Q 9100 certification for metal surface modification treatment of aircraft engine parts
2024Nagasaki works started plasma CVD business

Works, Subsidiaries, and Affiliates

Headquarters & Nagasaki Works


ISO9001 ISO14001ISO9001

ISO9001 ISO14001JISQ9001

Certification:Metal surface modification of aircraft engine parts

376-10 Kururi,Togitsu,Nagasaki, Japan(Map
Phone: 81-95-882-0630 Fax: 81-95-882-7319

Iwaki Works



3-1-2 Minamidai,Iwaki,Fukushima, Japan(Map
Phone: 81-246-62-7088 Fax: 81-246-62-0368

Shinto Industrial Himeji Co., Ltd.



1395 Yumesaki,Himeji,Hyogo, Japan(Map
Phone: 81-79-335-0227 Fax: 81-79-335-1534

Shinto Italia S.p.A.

シントー・イタリア S. p. A.


24040 Misano Gera D’Adda, Via Fornace, 2 Bergamo, Italy(Map
Phone: 39-0363-849011 Fax: 39-0363-84670

PT. Shinto Lance Indonesia

PT. シントー・ランス・インドネシア


Jl. Pulo Buaran Raya, No. III, FF. 14, Jakarta Industrial Estate, Jakarta 13930, Indonesia(Map
Phone: 62-21-4602640 Fax: 62-21-4602644