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We, Shinto Group, aim to generate societal and environmental value by addressing key sustainability issues.

Environmental Policy

“For the Future Generations”

Basic Principle

Shinto Industrial Co., Ltd. believes the preservation of environment as one of our most important missions for the company management. We aim to be a mindful company that recognize and consider the influence on the global and local environment.

We understand the problems of climate change caused by CO2 gas emission through heat-treating furnaces and drying furnaces during the production process, so we always conduct green- and people-friendly business activities.

We have formulated the operation policies below to achieve the basic principles above, and endeavor to continuously preserve and improve the environment.

Operation Policies

1. Promotion of resource-saving activities and energy-saving activities
We endeavor to reduce the environmental burden, such as saving a resource usage (electricity, paper, water, etc.) and fossil energy (petroleum, etc.).

2. Promotion of reduction of electricity consumption ratio by energy-saving activities
We work on reduction of electricity consumption ratio activities in the production process.

3. Promotion of recycle activities and reduction, sort, and disposal of waste
We promote the recycle activities and endeavor to minimize the wastes discharged from our company.

4. Compliance with the environment laws and regulations
We comply with the environment related laws and regulations.

5. Implementation of continuous environmental improvement
We continuously promote further environmental improvement by setting out the purpose and the target to evaluate and improve the end result of environmental preservation activities.

6. Disclosure of our information and cooperation with local environment activities
We disclose the information of environment, such as environment activity reports to society, and actively cooperate with the local environmental activities and measures as one of members of local community.

2 Apr. 2011
Makoto Nishi
President Director
Shinto Industrial Co., Ltd.

Quality Policy

“Quality is the fundamental essence for creating value”

Basic Principles

  1. Our products must meet society’s needs.
  2. We always provide not only quality, delivery date, and information that satisfied customers but also added value and merit with the mind of quality improvement.
  3. We accurately recognize customers’ demands and contribute to society, environment, and customer satisfaction by our strong creativity and energy, and our only one technology in the world.
  4. Good quality products are produced at safety-first factory only.

Operation Policies

We conduct the Operation Policies below for the purpose of being understood the Quality Policy and acted by all staff.
  1. We make the Quality Policy and fully disseminate the importance among all staff.
  2. We set out “Quality Target” every year due to achievement of Quality Policy.
  3. To achieve “Quality Target”, we check “Quality Target” achievement ratio at “Quality Meeting”. Furthermore, we fulfill our responsibilities by making all staff understand own “Quality Target”.
  4. We work on the company-wide quality improvement activities together with all divisions, and endeavor to continuously improve its adequacy and effectivity by periodical review.
  5. We improve “Quality Management System” to be continuously efficient through management review.
  6. We comply with the quality related regulations and customer demands.

1 Apr. 2013
Makoto Nishi
President Director
Shinto Industrial Co., Ltd.

Social Contribution Activities

We support professional sports teams based in Nagasaki and Himeji as part of our social contribution activities.