The most economical pipes for oxygen blowing !!!
Generally, in case of using the normal steel pipe in the oxygen blowing operation into the E.A.F., such pipe is consumed rapidly with it's oxidation and the pipe's changing and adding new pipe at the front of E.A.F. is often required.
The base pipe of SHINTO LANCE PIPE is mild steel pipe but it consists of Ferro-aluminium layer, which made by calorizing treatments, and shows high durability against such oxidation.
Furthermore, SHINTO LANCE PIPE has ceramic coating on the both of inside and outside surface in order to protect itself from molten steel.
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1. Oxygen injection for steelmaking ( cutting , melting , refining )
2. Injection of carbon powder and other materials
3. Ladle cleaning ( high temperature )
4. Tundish cleaning ( high temperature )
5. Tapping ( blast furnace, ladle , tundish)

Shinto Lance Pipe