1) The special features of the equipment
Shinto Automatic Lance Manipulator can provide stable and person-less oxygen injection, and consequently more efficient steel making and save of labor cost in front of the furnace.
Once you set a bundle of lance pipes, you can continue to operate the machine until using the pipes up.
That is, when setting the bundle of Lance Pipe in the equipment once, later, until it uses up a pipe, it is possible to repeat the operation without person in any charges.
In case of automatic operation, the following actions are automatically done:

1. feeding the lance pipe into the molten steel.

2. charging the new pipe and connecting such new pipe and remained pipe
3. Pulling-out of the pipe, stopping the oxygen blow and moving the body to the initial position.
Therefore, in addition to that it is possible to make reduction of labor, the looseness of the oxygen-blowing work by the operator doesn't occur like conventional manipulator and the oxygen consumption and the efficiency the improvement of steel-makings process can be attempted.
2) Appearance of the equipment
Spec. of Machine
1) Size of Lance Pipe : For Oxygen blowing: 1-1/4" x 4,000mm (2 lines)
For Carbon injection: 1-1/4" x 4,000mm (1 lines)
2) Capacity of E.A.F. : 90 Mt (AC)
Appearance of Shinto Lance Manipulator


on operation (2)

on operation (3)

on operation (1)
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