We have been supplying the calorized material to various industries for many years and recently, we found the new application of the said treatment to the components of Electric Arc Furnace and Continuous Galvanizing Line, and succeeded to get the patent for this application.
We would like to introduce you the said new applications.

What is the "Calorizing Treatment" ?!
Calorizing is one of the surface treatment methods which modifies the material surface through an aluminum diffusion process. (Gasified aluminum diffuses to form the intermetallic compound (Ni-Cr-Al-Fe, in case of Austenitic Stainless Steel) layer on the surface of steel material.) The calorized layer is not removed like other types of plating.(see Photo 1)
The key characteristics is as follows:
a) High temp. oxidation resistance.
b) Abrasion(Erosion) resistance.
c) Carburization resistance.
d) Freedom from stress corrosion cracking.
e) Resistance against erosion / corrosion by molten metal (Zn, Fe, Cu etc.) and non metal.
f) Resistance against corrosive gas, liquid and ash.
g) Spatter is hardly sticking and sticked spatter is easily removable.
We shows the sample of the applications for the calorizing as follows: