For reducing the cost of steel making!! Sharp decrease in Electrode consumption with simple coating method!!! High performance antioxidant for Graphite Electrode!!!!
External appearance Green/Blue and transparent liquid (water soluble)
Viscosity 0.1 - 0.5
Specific gravity 1.10
pH 3.0
Al2O3 1 - 3
SiO2 8 - 10
P2O3 5 - 7
H2O Bal.
Contained solid materials (wt%) 17

Excellent oxidation prevention
Because of low viscosity, EL-300 will be easy to impregnate into the microholes existing in the electrodes and such impregnated and coated layer, 15 to 30mm from the surface, will never strip.This oxidation prevention effect will come out conspicuously when the original electrode's consumption is high.When the electrode is not water-cooled (spraying), you will get the greatest advantage with our EL-300.In that case, it is possible to reduce electrode consumption by 5 to 15%. (Some cases will depend on each user's environmental factors.) Especially, in case of without water spray cooling system for stainless steel and/or special steel etc. forbidden hydrogen contamination, EL-300 maximizes the effect of its performance, dramatically.
Low cost of impregnation
The most suitable impregnation volume of EL-300 is 0.6 to 1.0 wt% of the electrode's weight, for example, in case of 20" dia x 1800mm(approx. 6') 625kgs(1378lbs), approx. 4-6kgs of EL-300 will be consumed and it is very economical.The method of impregnating is very simple, once you dip the electrode into the tub and keep it dipped for the fixed time and after 1 to 2 weeks storage in the air, the coating process will be completed. No special equipment or knowledge is required !!
Furthermore, handling and transportation costs can be eliminated and savings maximized by impregnating the electrodes in your own plant.
No loss of conductivity
The conductivity of the electrodes after impregnation by EL-300 is not reduced and EL-300 never influences conductivity in the furnace.You can handle the coated electrode in the usual fashion.
Nipple loosening prevented
EL-300 is changed to a hard ceramic over 300 degrees and this ceramic prevents nipple looseness as a result of its high adhesiveness.
Not influenced by water-cooling
EL-300 never be removed and degraded by running water on the surface of electrodes.
The performance is stable whether water-cooling is used or not.
Ease of handling
EL-300 does not contain any heavy metals and can be used safely.
Chemical stability
EL-300 is stable chemically and so solid element is not deposited at bottom. It can be stored for a long period of time in sealed anti-acid vessel.Impregnated and dried electrodes can not be degraded.
Hardly affected by external environments
EL-300 is able to keep stable performance for a long period due to being hardly affected by external environments like excessive heat or intense cold etc. compared with EL-100.

<<< Actual Data by EL-300 treatment >>>
(in Japan)
Products Electrode Consumption rate (Electrode(kg)/Steel(kg))
Water cooled
or not
Size Not-Impregnated
(After treated)
Reducing Ratio
A Company EAF(AC)
AC 150T/heat
Alloy steel(Main)
Stainless steel
Water cooled UHP(made in Japan)
B Company LF
AC 70T/heat
Carbon steel not
Water cooled
(made in China)
RP φ400 x 1,800mm
C Company EAF(AC)
AC 80T/heat
Stainless steel not
Water cooled
UHP(made in Japan)
φ510 x 2,400 mm