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Decompressed impregnating method
The decompressed method of impregnation uses a sealed tub and large vacuum pump.
Tub inside is vacuumed to be Max. 400mmHg, which can shorten impregnating time to 2 to 3 minutes instead of 10 to 30 minutes of natural impregnation.The decompressed method involves the expense of a sealed tub and vacuum pump so much but is more economical when impregnating a large number of electrodes at one time.
The below is the facilities of our works in Iwaki, Japan

Dimension of the tub 1000mm Width x 1400mm Depth x 3500mm Length
Max. Pole size 30" (750mm Dia.) x 3000mm Length
Capacity of Vacuum pump Displacement: 800 Litter/min, Power: 1.5kW
Before impregnating Impregnating
Vacuuming Appearance of Decompressing Tub
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